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Why we say ‘Untold is Unsold’

Nelson and Elaine

Welcome to All Round Foods Frozen Bakery Products.

If you see anything on our website that you would like to try, please contact us and we will ship you a sample immediately and free of charge! See why FRESH FROZEN bakery products are the best solution if you demand consistent high quality for your bakery goods.
All Round Foods has been a successful national source of frozen bakery products since 1994. Our customers are the national distributors and smaller distributors. They require the best bakery products for their discriminating operator customers that include restaurants, hotels, health related facilities, and university dining facilities. The reason customers choose All Round Foods is the wide diverse breadth of quality products, service, unlimited sampling, and our unique ability to source a wide array of bakery product.

Over the many years, All Round Foods has brought many fresh frozen baked goods to the national market including New York Jewish Rye Breads, Pumpernickels, Kaiser Rolls, Italian Hero Breads, Croissants, Bagels, Muffins, Cupcakes, Crumb Cakes, and Frozen Donuts. We were the first supplier of frozen Pita Breads, Garlic Bread, New York Style Danish, and many more fresh frozen baked goods. Most of our products are Kosher. If you are looking for a unique bakery product, or wish to have us bake something for you to your specification, we are interested in talking to you about it. We can help you expand your baking facility (if necessary) to produce the volume and help you take that to market!

We look forward to serving you!